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The potential applications of graphene and related technologies are virtually limitless. Below are a list of just a few of the  applications, with some already in the developmental stages by Graphene Solutions.

3D Printing Technology




Electrode Materials for Batteries


Electrically Conductive Polymers


Anti-Corrosive Coatings


Electrically Conductive Inks


Optical Displays and Sensors


Fuel Cell Energy Storage


High Performance Polymer Composites


Adhesive Enhancement



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Graphene composites have many potential applications, with continuing research to create unique and innovative materials. For these and other graphene solutions, email

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Electrically Conductive Films/Coatings


Heat Exchange Transfer Media


Chemical/Biochemical Sensors


Quantum Dots


Fire-Retardant Foams


Automotive Fluid


Touchscreens and LCDs


Structural Material Applications


Ultra-Filtration for Industrial Waste Water


Ultra-Filtration for Agricultural Water